B&C Marine Coverings understands that not everyone can afford new Canvas or Cushions etc. and that is why we offer repairs on things that  mother nature tries to destroy. To help keep costs down, we do most repairs at our HOME SHOP. Repairs can be mailed to us or droped off at our HOME SHOP.

         B&C Marine Coverings can renew life back into your top or enclosure. We will replace zippers and clear
vinyl (isinglass), patch holes, repair tears, refresh hook and loop (velcro), and reinforce pulled out fasteners. We will also add chafe protection to the wear points. We can even wash and seal your canvas with water and stain repellents, so that your good to go for another season.

Estimating Cost of Vinyl Replacement
Measure the longest length and the highest height of the clear vinyl
Add the length plus height x cost of vinyl

Length  +  Height =      x Cost of Vinyl     Total
       40     +    35    =  75 x         175       $131.25

Choices of Clear Vinyl
# 40 Clear sheet vinyl  $1.75 per sq. in. Better
# 30 Clear extruded roll vinyl $1.60 per sq. in. Good

Zipper Replace
YKK #10 Black or White $9.00 per ft or $.75 per in. same price.
48 in. x .75  = $36.00
4ft. x  $9.00 = $36.00
Smile or Frown Zippers usually sews in clear vinyl.
#10 Coil Zipper black or white with binding $95.00 each


(in inches)
(in inches)
Panel 1
Panel 2
Panel 3
Panel 4
Panel 5
Panel 6
Panel 7
Panel 8
Panel 9
Panel 10

Based on the information you provided above, the estimated cost of replacing your vinyl (not including shipping or any applicable sales tax) is:
  1. $ if replaced with .030 Gauge Extruded Roll Vinyl
  2. $
  3. $ if replaced with .040 Gauge Sheet Vinyl
  4. $

God Bless Our Soldiers !

Customer pays to have order shipped to us.
B&C Marine Coverings will pay for return shipping.
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